“You'll tell them where we run to hide, I'm already dead, It's a matter of time...”Afraid of Sunlight
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This week is photo week here on our Facebook page - each day we will post a great photo of each of the band - today is the turn of Mr H...photo by Andy Wright. ... See moreSee less

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Steve LalibertéYou should also have a photo week with pictures of the band taken by the fans :)2 days ago   ·  6
Anna MerciecaOooooo great photo Mr H! Fan from Malta5 hours ago
Claudia SourenGreat photo! Of a great performer.1 day ago
Piet Jan DijkstraWhat a great picture! Compleet in to the music!1 day ago
Stuart ThrumbleJust dropped that bloody piano lid on my fingers ouch2 days ago   ·  11
Folchini MauroSteve , you are Marillion for ever1 day ago
Miriam Van SprundelWonderful picture! :)1 day ago   ·  1
Iris HotchinThank you I needed that. My little Steve baby sexy bum. Lol1 day ago   ·  1
Elmar DiedrichWow!!!1 day ago
Nicole MichaudWhat a fantastic place! 😍1 day ago
Tim PepperI got some good'uns at Maidstone1 day ago
Kim DrydenNicely shot!1 day ago
Paul KooijmansGreat initiative!!! (y)2 days ago
Joanne CannonSo much emotion!1 day ago
Hanneke De Bruijnstunning pic in grand action...!!1 day ago
Oliver C. FrankusI can really feel h's power! ✌🏻️ what an impressing picture!1 day ago
Cris CristinaBeleza pura!!!1 day ago
Jonas GrønnGenuine passion - as always from h. Lovely!1 day ago
Robin ZuiderveldThe invincible man2 days ago
Maurizio BusilloStrozzati .Only Fish20 hours ago
Michele J. BornnI have a better one!1 day ago
Malinaly ReyesTrue passion !!! Sing for me H! !!1 day ago
Barron OswaldoExcelente!!!2 days ago

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Hi everyone,

Fans from 67 countries have so far pledged to buy our new album via PledgeMusic. To say we are delighted is an understatement! The money raised so far has allowed us to make the firm decision that we will be able to tour in South America in May 2016 and North America in October 2016. We are booking the tour dates at the moment and we hope to be able to start announcing them within the next few weeks. Over the next few months, we will also be able to tell you about our ideas for touring in Europe in 2016 and more dates will be added. Keep an eye on www.marillion.com/tour for details.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your faith in us. Once again you are buying an album that we are still writing! The writing is going well. We are busy arranging songs at the moment in the studio and everyone is enjoying the process. We're confident we're on our way to an outstanding piece of work.

Some of you have questioned why the prices may be higher than a 'normal' CD - be assured that the money you spent on whichever format you choose (check out the PledgeMusic Page as there are many options), is not just spent buying the music - you are also contributing to a fund that will allow us to tour more extensively and to promote and publicise the album.
If you only want the music and don't want to be a part of this, we understand perfectly and we have made available cheaper options for you. Whichever path you choose, please know that you are part of "the first family" who brought the pre-order concept into the world. Together we did it first.
If you are purchasing one of the higher priced items then you are a prime mover in the process which makes it possible for Marillion to produce music which doesn't chase either the pop charts or the quick buck, but has taken time and care to bring into the world. As you can imagine, these albums can't be written or recorded quickly. Your faith makes it possible for us to move forward and hopefully make this music for years to come.

Thanks again and we will post updates on PledgeMusic and across social media until we have the music ready for you.

h, Ian, Mark , Pete and Steve
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Valentine StarovoytovGuys, what about new Weekend 2015 concert films on DVD and Blu-ray in 2016? When it would be released? In spring, maybe?1 week ago   ·  1
Brian RussThe best band and fans ever. The conventions are one big happy family getting together for a weekend. This love is a love I have for you all that is undying. Bring on 2016 and the new album! We'll be there!7 days ago   ·  5
Victor CortesThanks Marillion :D I have the tickets in hand for the concert in Chile next May, first row!!!!! We look forward to seeing again a great concert and the full band7 days ago   ·  2
Sarah Golding-KeanneThis the first time I have done this and pleased to help can't wait for the album or the tour hoping for Bristol or Cardiff pretty please <31 week ago   ·  4
Marta PaquetePlease consider coming back to Lisbon (Portugal), for the touring in Europe in 2016 :) :) - You have lots and lots of fans here6 days ago   ·  2
Mac ShellEverytime you post anything about the outcome of this pledge drive or how the album is progressing.....and now about the tour it only solidifies my love for you guys and your devotion to us. Soooooo looking forward to hearing and seeing you all soon...We can't wait ! ( p.s.- It's never " too much"........)1 week ago   ·  1
Moxham KaneBeen on board since the beginning and will always support the band until the end. As always its a honor to help in my own little way. See you on CTTE and somewhere along the way in 2016 !!!1 week ago   ·  2
Jordan StrangThanks for keeping us updated with what is going on behind the scenes of M18 and we can't wait to hear the finished album (hopefully) early next year :)1 week ago   ·  2
David TellettWe love you. We have faith. I'm honoured to help you - you are special musicians and people 😊 Thank you for everything!1 week ago   ·  3
Andrew BradleyPlease consider your fans in Australia when looking at new places to play live...6 days ago   ·  1
Alison Redferngreat to hear the guys will be touring next year only wish they were coming to Manchester in May instead of south America it would be a great birthday treat :-)1 week ago   ·  1
Steve RowdyProud to be a part of the Marillion family and a part of this whole preorder process since the beginning. See you on tour in 2016!1 week ago   ·  1
Alicia Sanchez CarroThank you guys and good luck with the new album!!..I hope see you next year..XXX7 days ago   ·  1
Martin LjungmannCopenhagen calling, a longtime fan. Several of my friends are going to the edge with you guys in november. I went with them in 2014. You guys rocked big time, and i worked out with the legendary Mark Kelly in the fitness-room. Last time in amager bio was an epic journey. Hope to see you again touring in Denmark, and warm wishes for the future.👍💪1 week ago   ·  1
David GoodmanSadly the link to order is still not working for me 😤1 week ago   ·  1
Simon HudsonLads don't forget Dublin saw you in 86 again in the 1st Hogarth gig in London Seasons end Astoria Wembley Arena etc etc so please don't forget Dublin if you need me to book you a venue let me know cheers Simon1 week ago   ·  1
Jennifer Sweet❤ from the land Downunder and 🐓 😎😘 xxx1 week ago   ·  2
Andrew WilliamsGlad to help in a small way. Just love your music.1 week ago   ·  2
Essam FarghaliMy favourite band of all time. The Best ever. Greetings and love from Egypt.1 week ago   ·  2
Stefan ArensThank you, and hugs from Germany. See you,I hope in Hamburg and Cologne/ Germany. :-) :-)1 week ago   ·  2
David Otto ScaerWe love you guys. Great poetry, great music, PASSION! Come to Roanoke and I'll buy you all a donut and tea!1 week ago   ·  1
David KaiserPledge was a great idea :) nothing new for the band just using a new service awesome7 days ago   ·  1
Luis Tello Gonzalezjust... THANKS !!! hugs from Chile !!! (come to Valparaiso!)1 week ago   ·  1
Todd Cadlemarking october as marillion month in america1 week ago   ·  1
Andreas KleinkaufGuys - keep on following your own way. To me it seems to be a great one! There are thousands and thousands of people to follow you...1 week ago   ·  1

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